ASU Wearable Health Devices in Health Care Summary

ASU Wearable Health Devices in Health Care Summary


You will start with your reference, then a one paragraph summary and one paragraph evaluation (combined 250-350 words, not including the reference). Refer to the information in the Unit 3 and Unit 5 readings/tutorials sections and the assignment rubric if you have questions, and/or ask your faciitator! Also: make sure to review any facilitator feedback on your Unit 3 and Unit 5 assignments! 

1. In a double-spaced Word document (or PDF), cite (in APA format), summarize and evaluate the scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article you find using a minimum of one criteria from each of the sections of the CRAAP evaluation handout.  

2. Post your work using the Article Evaluation 3 Assignment link found in the Table of Contents (250min – 350max words not including reference, 30 points).