ASU The Social Dilemma Movie Questions

ASU The Social Dilemma Movie Questions


Answer each of the reflection questions with thought and consideration. I am not looking for a summary of the film but that you understand the concepts relevant to addiction. You will want to expand on the ideas that you discuss and use examples from the film to support your writing. One-sentence answers will not be sufficient for the assignment. Please remember to give credit to sources of ideas that are not your own.

1. Discuss addiction and how social media usage impacts the brain. You will want to give examples from the various experts and industry insiders interviewed for the documentary.

2. What are the benefits of social media usage? What are the problems? Do the benefits outweigh the negative aspects of social media?

3. As a future therapist, what are some things that you could do to prevent addiction to social media?

4. Do you plan to change your social media usage after watching this film?

5. The end of the film seemed to suggest that no one has power over their brain being hijacked by social media and advertising and suggest that the solution lies in government regulation. Do you feel powerless?