Ashford University Clinical Experiences Paper

Ashford University Clinical Experiences Paper


4 pages task i need done.

Signature Assignment and is due when the student has completed 510

clinical hours for the course. The Evaluation Summary of Clinical Experiences paper

provides a student with an opportunity to summarize and synthesize a blending of various

therapeutic approaches that they were able to experience over the last 510 hours of psychiatric

experiences with various patients and preceptors.

The following will be expected of each student: Identify the best and the worst of your

experiences. Which preceptors did you learn the most from, what do you wish you had done

differently or are you completely satisfied with the experiences you had? Do you feel you have

developed symbiotic ways to help patients develop insight and solutions to their problems in the

context of individual psychotherapy and medication management? Provide objective comments

about your facilities and your preceptors – would you recommend them to future students?

Briefly and succinctly, describe each type of experience you were able to get and ones that you

wish you had been able to get. Describe the facility, the type of work they do, the type of

clientele they service, and describe the preceptor. What was the preceptor’s style? Provide a

discussion of the overall experience with the patients. Was this experience what you expected,

was it less, or was it more? Do you still want to be a psychiatric nurse practitioner? Were you

able to see patients alone, did your preceptors allow you to “run the sessions”?

Do you feel that you learned any of the business aspects of becoming a PMHNP from your

preceptors? Do you feel that you understand some of the billing and coding? What about how

your role is changing (even if you are already a nurse practitioner). Do you feel that your

preceptors prepared you for what is ahead? Do you feel ready?

How are you different? What has changed about you? How will your approach with patients be

different? Has the population of patients that you thought you would want to work with