Ashford University Advocacy Discussion

Ashford University Advocacy Discussion


Discuss an area of this week’s readings, or of another article you found related to this week’s topic (advocacy, influence, and power) that you found particularly impactful. Why did the information resonate with you, or what additional information would you like to have seen in the article and why? How do you see this applying to the business environment, your career, or your workplace?

In your initial post of at least 150 words, be succinct and professional. Be sure to use APA style to cite the article you refer to and provide in-text citations if you quote from the article.

These articles focus on how leaders can influence, advocate, and play power dynamics without formal authority.

Theories, Models, and Frameworks

Theory plays different roles at the master’s and doctoral levels, and in the world of problem-solving and project development versus pure theory development. The following article will help you better understand the context of theory, and the fact that most theories but must be distilled for use in the business world.

As the Mango article illustrates, the myriad of theories in the field need to be distilled before they can be used in crafting and executing projects. In terms of the literature you integrate into your work for this course and the work you will do for your capstone, theory will manifest itself primarily in the form of frameworks and models. The following resource offers a succinct overview of how theories relate to models and frameworks, along with a few tips for finding frameworks: