Article Summary 1: The Lithosphere

Article Summary 1: The Lithosphere


For this current event assignment, find an article in a newspaper, weekly magazine, or web-site that relates to a topic or concept that is covered in our textbook in the chapters about the LITHOSPHERE. The article should be typical newspaper article length and cover the topic in sufficient depth that you can identify and discuss relevant physical geography concepts from the piece. Provide the following when posting this assignment:

TWO paragraphs (125-150 words each, or 250-300 words total) in your words to explain the relationship to TWO physical geography concepts.

For each paragraph, DEFINE the physical geography term or concept in your own words.

  • EXPLAIN how this physical geography term or concept is relevant to understanding the topic or issue covered in the article.

One paragraph (125-150 words) in your own words to summarize the article and discuss why it is important (for example, how does this affect human lives, infrastructure, economy, biodiversity?)