ARTH 478 UMGC History of Women in the Visual Arts Discussion

ARTH 478 UMGC History of Women in the Visual Arts Discussion


It’s hard to believe it, but we are ONE week away from the end of the course! You will have hopefully learned about so many more women artists in these eight weeks, and gained a new respect for some of the ones you already had heard of. This week we are studying the women across the globe who have sparked a new movement in women’s art. They come from Africa, Asia, South America, and the Middle East.  They have frequently had to fight for their art, having it not accepted by the status quo. 

This short video below introduces you to one of these women.  In her country of Saudi Arabia, it was not only unusual to see a woman so publicly doing her artwork, but until quite recently, it was strictly forbidden to display ANY art that was figurative in the Kingdom.  The punishment for doing what she does now would have been swift and severe. Now she works with the blessings of the government of Saudi Arabia.

Meet Noura bin Saidan 

The content for this week discusses the rise in visibility of international artists. Review these Internet resources, return here and respond to the instructions below: 

1. Select one work of art from the Week 7 International Resources links posted in Course Content. 

Each student must choose a different piece. 

2. Potential discussion topics: 





personal concern of the artist

global vision of the artist