Art Essay

Art Essay


Write a 500 Word Journal Response (400 minimum to 600 maximum) to the following prompt:

This writing exercise requires you to again attend the museum, but this time to focus on the exhibition, Loie Hollowell: Tick Tock Belly Clock. Select one artwork that is presented and both Describe and Analyze the artwork. Be sure to describe the work as instructed in last journal entry.

Continue to build upon the last exercise through the use of analyzing the overall composition. Add upon the language of line; shape, volume, mass; light and value; color; texture; space; time and motion by attempting to explain how all the parts go together to make up a larger composition. Read “Principles of Design” from the Understanding Art to help you broaden your vocabulary as you consider unity and variety, balance and imbalance, emphasis and focal point, scale, and proportion.

Please accompany the entry with a photo of the work for reference.