Arkansas Tech University Network Security Appliances and Technologies Discussion

Arkansas Tech University Network Security Appliances and Technologies Discussion


1 = Consider the network security appliances and technologies you know.

Based on what you know now, if you could pick only one network security appliance and one security technology you could deploy on a network you were managing, which would they be and why?

2 = Case Scenario:

Your hospital has decided to collaborate with The Leapfrog Group ( and institute standards that can be used in benchmarking. In order to successfully complete the tasks needed, you will need to build a strong team. This team will include members from many and different areas of the hospital’s organization; you must create a strong team charter.

  1. Using the template on pages 236-237, construct a team charter for this project.
  2. Comment as to what challenges and strengths you feel you will encounter.
  3. Pay attention to grammar, style, and formatting.

3 = Health Informatics question = Dissemination of study findings is a key area of research. The study is of minimal value if it isn’t shared among others to build on. This may be done in a variety of formats. You may present your findings at a professional meeting, provide a poster presentation of results, or publish an article in a peer-reviewed (scholarly) journal. Many times the conferences and journals will have a call for papers. There are examples of these provided with this assignment.

Spend some time reviewing each of these. Comment on your findings in a one to two page, double-spaced paper. What are the differences in the requirements for each of them? Do any ask for a specific theme or are all general? Do they ask for the entire paper or just an abstract? If you provide an abstract, what are the requirements? Can you provide any additional examples of a journal or conference where it would be appropriate to present findings in health informatics? Do any of the conferences make their proceedings public?

eHealth Conference:

World Health Organization Bulletin