Anthropology Question

Anthropology Question


A. The phases of human development are biologically defined. How, if at all, can they also be culturally defined?

B. Discuss how natural selection has likely influenced the evolution of skin color in humans.

C.  Look up our featured anthropologist in the last module – Who is Dr. Ullah? What does he study? Pick one of his publications and summarize it in your own words. 

D.  Look up our featured anthropologist for this module – Who is Dr. Mathwich? Pick one of her publications and summarize it in your own words. 

This assignment has to be:

Entire prompt is 800 words or more.

Answers are broken up into paragraphs.

Each answer is detailed using explanations, definitions, as well as examples from either the book or from other sources.

Answer is put into student’s own words. Showing an understanding of class material.

Less than a 10% similarity score

Citations are used.

Link for Part C:

Barton, CM, Ullah, II, Bergin, S (2010). Land use, water and Mediterranean landscapes: modelling long-term dynamics of complex socio-ecological systems. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A.

Barton, CM, Ullah, II, Bergin, S et al. (2016). Experimental socioecology: Integrative science for anthropocene landscape dynamics. Anthropocene.

Link for Part D: