Answer a business related question

Answer a business related question

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Discuss how the resource-based view (RBV) of the firm combines the two perspectives of (1) an internal analysis of a firm and (2) an external analysis of its industry and its competitive environment. Include comments on the different types of firm resources and how these resources can be used by a firm to build sustainable competitive advantages.—- 

These Discussion Question (DQ) detailed instructions will help you write more comprehensive and complete DQ answers. Each DQ assignment answer will demonstrate your learning about a specific strategic management topic. Your one-page (approximately 350 words) written answer should include the following DQ assignment rubric information:

  • Read the assigned DQ question and locate the Dess strategy textbook chapter sections that best explain the strategic management framework that aligns with this DQ question. Write specific strategy definitions and information that you learned from your reading of the strategy textbook chapter to frame the beginning of your DQ answer.

To support your written DQ answer, provide one business strategy examples that you learned from reading the Dess strategy textbook chapter sections that directly applies to the assigned DQ question. Each Strategy textbook chapter includes business examples within the main strategy text pages, as well as in each chapter’s Insights from Research, the multiple chapter Strategy Spotlight case examples, and the Issue for Debate in the chapter concluding section.

Continue with your written DQ answer by providing additional supporting information and/or a business example learned from viewing and listening to the assigned instructor-recorded BP Strategy course lectures that directly apply to a comprehensive DQ topic answer.

  1. Complete your written DQ answer by providing one additional supporting strategic management insight and/or business example you learned from viewing the assigned business strategy videos that support the DQ assignment answer.