Anglia Ruskin University Government Controls & Regulations Essay

Anglia Ruskin University Government Controls & Regulations Essay


Multimedia Presentation Research Activity. Week 7: Government Controls & Regulations

Students will watch and listen to audio/video presentations on a selected real estate case study topic and learn career experience skills. Students will complete the assignment by responding to prompts and writing out complete answers. DIRECTIONS:  Select 3 videos to watch/listen and take notes.  Answer the  5 questions below in the text boxes shown below with at least 2 complete sentences each.

Select 3 of the following 6 videos to research and write your assignment. You are welcome to watch all of the videos, and then select your top 3.

1. Topic: Eminent Domain (Supreme Court)

Kelo v. City of New London by The Cato Institute (6:05)

2. Topic: Eminent Domain

A Government Takings Case- KLEMMT AND GINSBERG KLEMMT v SARASOTA COUNTY by Matthew Weidner (38:54)

3. Topic: Property Taxes

Florida Homestead Taxes Paid/Due- 0538 WILLIAM DAVID FITTS ET AL v BILL FURST PROPERTY APPRAISER by Matthew Weidner (47:57)

4. Topic: Regulations for Flying Drones for Commercial Usage

Drone Laws 2018 by The Contiguglia Law Firm, P.C. (8:28)

5. Topic: Homeowner Denied Permit for 8 Tigers

Real Estate Law War Story: Lions, Tigers, Bears by Hanson Law Firm (2:48)

6. Topic: Drones, Photography, and Privacy Rights

Drones and privacy laws – What you (and your camera) need to know by The Contiguglia Law Firm, P.C. (6:27)

BE CURIOUS! You can research and review the cases below to gain more knowledge about each topic.  Check out “case briefing” sites such as the following.  Or, you can simply type the case name into the search bar.