AMS 205 The evolution of Appalachia

AMS 205 The evolution of Appalachia


Describe what you have learned about Appalachia since beginning this course and how your thinking about Appalachian and Appalachian culture has evolved. Cite specific sources or assignments we have explored through the course.

Requirement Two: Choose two questions from below and answer. Please include the questions you have chosen as headers for your responses. Responses should be 2-3 pages minimum and 5 pages maximum per prompt. Double-spaced, 12-pt, Times-New Roman font, standard margins. Please cite your sources. Use APA formatting? for your in-text citations and reference page.

Describe how racial relations have evolved in and influenced Appalachia over time. Consider the relationships between and among various Native American and immigrant cultures, the role of slavery in Appalachia and perceptions and ramifications of the Civil War in the region, and the relationships between race and labor in early 20th c. Appalachia.

Describe the role and evolving perceptions of womanhood and gender in Appalachia. Topics to consider include how women were viewed among Native American and immigrant cultures, and the roles women have played in relationship to war and the rise of labor in Appalachia. Are women viewed as equals? Leaders? Subordinates?

Is Appalachian culture more individualist or collectivist? Consider the influence of Native American cultures, interactions within and among communities during the Civil War, and the beginnings of the labor movement. How does this relate, if at all, to the data we explored on the first day of class related to unemployment, poverty, education, etc?

Describe how major events have shaped the region and its contemporary culture. Consider events like immigration, the Indian Removal Act/Trail of Tears, westward expansion, the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, World Wars and Great Migration, the Civil Rights Era, etc.