AJS 574 UP Capital Budget Recommendation Paper

AJS 574 UP Capital Budget Recommendation Paper


Capital budget analysts in the State Department of Corrections would help develop and make recommendations for the capital budget plan.

STEP 1: Imagine you are a capital budget analyst for the State Department of Corrections in your home state. You are helping develop the capital budget plan for the agency and are tasked with analyzing two options to deal with a growing prison population. You have two options to consider to deal with this prison population issue.

Option 1

Construct 1,000 new prison beds in an additional wing at the state facility.


Option 2

Contract with a private prison company to rent 1,000 prison beds.

STEP 2: Review the Capital Budget Cost Data resource, which describes both options.

STEP 3: Write a 525- to 700-word recommendation on which option you recommend, including in the capital budget, and provide a detailed explanation of why you recommend this option. Be sure to include the following-

Recommended Option 1 or Option 2 with the rationale behind your decision

Estimated Capital budget costs

Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each option, including political considerations.

Identify short- and long-term cost considerations for both options.