Activist and Social Movement Analysis 1000words

Activist and Social Movement Analysis 1000words


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analyze a personalized dataset and, using a codebook, encode this data to provide information about the main actors or actors of the operation. Perform thematic analysis of the language and/or images present in the dataset, describe and explain these topics, the personalized dataset I have sent you, the excel sheet, the codebook too 

select a digital activist campaign and collect social media data produced by this campaign. They use quantitative and qualitative methods to produce an essay that provides an analysis of the relevant actors, stakeholders and discourses that inform the campaign, as well as evaluating the platform logics, tools and affordances that enable organisations to connect with and mobilise audiences. Students draw on subject literature to inform a critical evaluation of these campaigns and strategies with attention to the cultural contexts informing these campaigns.the digital activist campaign is invasionday.