Active learning discussion 6 response 2

Active learning discussion 6 response 2



exual homicides of these two individuals differ significantly in their motivations and violence. A system can be created to cross-reference red flags based on developmental stages, environment, and genetics to identify psychopathic offenders, utilizing historical conditions, developmental stages, and environmental factors. I will discuss how authorities could develop early warning systems to identify these individuals better before they can victimize another human being. A psychopath is an individual who displays behaviors, emotions, and interpersonal characteristics that manipulate others, become impulsive and exploit others.  

     Criminals who are psychopathic are more likely to commit violent crimes than their non-psychopathic counterparts. Sexual homicides committed by psychologically disturbed people are remorseless and brutal. Because of their lack of empathy, guilt, and impulse control, psychopathic criminals are more prone to committing crimes that are not socially acceptable. Psychopathic offenders are thrill-seeking, impulsive, remorseless, and lack empathy Porter et al. (2003).  Crimes committed by psychopathic offenders are often committed for material gain or revenge, and they are more violent than those committed by non-psychopathic offenders.

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