Active learning discussion 5

Active learning discussion 5

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Over the years the way people have accessed or got ahold of child pornography has evolved. Those who view child porn and trade child porn has evolved as well. It is hard to keep child pornography under control especially when it is coming from foreign countries. Talking about child pornography and First Amendment rights is a sensitive topic. Yes people can talk about child pornography and how much they back it but actually watching it and trading it is illegal and cannot be covered. Talking about child pornography is legal but acting and having the evidence of it is illegal. Some ways to try and censor those from viewing child pornography is trying to shut down the websites that host it. If we are able to catch those who are accessing the websites they need to be arrested for viewing child pornography. I understand it is hard to maintain these sites because they are easy to create and operate on the dark web. This is going to be an issue that will never be solved but if we make it harder to create these websites and make it harder for people to trade child pornography then we can slow down the issue. Those who view child pornography, possess it, trade it, or even create it need to be arrested and held accountable for their actions. 

           The Butner Study has an interesting view on when it comes to those who have been arrested for child pornography. During their time they admit to having touched a child and sometimes even intercourse with a child. It is amazing to see how many times these criminals have engaged in child porn and have not been caught. This includes male and female children. This program tries to help those who suffer these mental illnesses and reenter them back into society. This program needs to gather information on how these people access child porn or even how they have interactions with the children. This will help law enforcement with slowing down those who are wanting to access child pornography or making it harder for them to obtain.