Active learning discussion 5 response 3

Active learning discussion 5 response 3



The Butner study focuses on individuals who viewed pornography along with their subsequent selection of victims. Two groups of child pornography offenders participated in a voluntary treatment program to determine if their groupings were at-risk collectors with behaviors close to hands-on sexual offenses. The study revealed that internet offenders were more likely to not engage in hands-on events. Offenders that have a history of physical child abuse are more likely to offend again. For them, the illusion of anonymity provided by the Internet was fertile ground for the awakening of dormant (or successfully suppressed) sexual fantasies (Bourke & Hernandez, 2009).  

The availability of the Internet has opened a continuous window of opportunity for criminals to engage in the sexual exploitation of children. That same window of opportunity also makes it complicated to restrict viewing content such as pornography. For example, the option to report or flag videos are regulatory measures used to communicate inappropriate content. Regulatory measures are useful resources that do not infringe on the individual’s First Amendment rights. Technology has also assisted with this issue by implementing programs that are designed to block certain subjects from being accessible. All measures used to prevent further occurrences of Internet crimes are considered citizens’ rights.

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