Active learning discussion 5 response 2

Active learning discussion 5 response 2

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Specifically, the Butner study examined individuals who viewed pornography and their subsequent victims. Offenders who engaged in internet crimes were less likely to attend hands-on events. Offenders with a history of physical child abuse are more likely to offend again. When the government cannot regulate obscenity, what is determined to be obscene and what is not?

Despite its seriousness, pornography remains a problem. There should be legislation prohibiting children from being involved in pornography. Regarding adult pornography, however, many people disagree with the government’s right to censor it. This brings up the discussion of obscenity. Obscenity is not protected by the 1st Amendment and may be forbidden and regulated by the government (Gardner, 1989).

There are ways to implement regulations that do not infringe on individuals’ rights. Videos can be reported or flagged for inappropriate content as a regulatory measure. In this society, technology has become widely used in schools, homes, and personal cell phones. This makes it available to practically anyone. Even children have access to tablets and computers that are connected to the internet and are not being supervised. I believe that some parents are not computer savvy and monitor children while using the internet.