Active learning 6 response 1

Active learning 6 response 1


What is the difference between a psychopathic offender and a nonpsychopathic offender? A psychopathic offender is someone who lacks empathy, they have no remorse or guilt, impulsive, and tend to be more violent than those that are nonpsychopathic. When they do commit crimes it is often times more terrible and colder blooded than nonpsychopathic. When they commit crimes they also gain more thrill and are aroused by the violent acts. 

Some ways that authorities could develop early warning signs to better identify these individuals before they begin victimizing other humans is starting at an early age. Children that share the psychopathic trait show signs at an early ago. For example the hot topic is Jeffrey Dahmer. If you look at this childhood he was not a normal child. He had no friends and he kept to himself. His home life was unstable with parents fighting and divorcing. Children who are dissociated, antisocial, no friends, has no emotions, need to be checked on. Schools are one of the places children are always around and they could be the first to spot the problem. Once they find a child who is showing symptoms they need to start counseling and keep an eye on the child for improvement or not.

If the children are not caught early on in life, and they start to commit crimes the officer needs to look into the crime. Why did they commit the crime? Was it for enjoyment or were they presented with an opportunity? If they talk to the subject and ask key questions about why and how they committed the crime (if they get the opportunity) they may be able to create a profile on them and keep an eye out.