Academic, Spiritual, & Career Plan

Academic, Spiritual, & Career Plan


Finding a purpose and developing a plan to fulfill a purpose can be essential in one having peace and happiness in their life. Finding one’s purpose by putting together the appropriate academic, spiritual and career plans early in life is a good way to get one started on the right path.

It has been suggested that the average working person, can expect to change careers five to seven times in their life. That tells us that change is inevitable. To be prepared have a career plan. 

The foundation of a career plan could be a student’s academic plan. If this is so the student must decide on a major to help with the career plan. It could be said that in finding your purpose and to pull together the academic and career plan that a spiritual plan also needs to be in place.

The Spiritual plan can help one to develop good family and work relationships, service to others and good character.

I encourage you all to develop a good plan in order to fulfill the call that has been placed on your life. Discover your destiny.