Abstract writing

Abstract writing

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Part one:  proposal/abstract and bibliography

1.      With reference to the terms ‘decolonisation’ and ‘democratic inclusion’, outline and compare the ways in which in the Manifesto for the Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance and the Uluru Statement from the Heart situate themselves to the nation state called Australia. Assess what you think each document offers as guiding principles for self-determination and justice, and whether one is more transformative than the other. 

2.      Examine similarities and differences between Black Lives Matter campaigns in Australia, the USA and other transnational instances of this social mobilisation; assess how strategies for change are prioritised and offer your own thought on what measures best align with the agendas for social justice. 

3.      With reference to feminist and Indigenous standpoint theory, discuss how a person’s positionality affects how they may participate in the knowledge production and activism of at least one social movement. What problems are associated with standpoint theory, and what strategies can be developed to best deal with them?