2 part dicussion post

2 part dicussion post


Enlightenment Reader, part one (Kant, p.1; Condorcet, p. 26; Bacon, p. 39; Bayle, 75; Locke, 81; Newton, 96; Hume, 109; Rousseau, 134; Gibbon, 150) choose 4 and compare and contrast the author’s proposition and BPRView (basic philosophical religious view  Kant …”What is Enlightenment”, Condorcet… “The Future Progress of the Human Mind”, Bacon..” The New Science”, Bayle.. “On Superstition and Tolerance”, Locke..” A letter Concerning Tolerance” Newton…”The Argument for a Deity”

2. enlightenment Reader 2 (Descartes, 181; Hume, 195; LaMettrie, 202; Reid, 213; Rousseau, 229; Hutcheson, 275; Smith, 280; Kant, 297; Bentham, 306 )  Decartes..”I think Therefore I am”, La Mettrie ” Man A Machine”, Kant… Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysics of Morals”, Hutcheson….” Concerning The Moral Sense”

Answers to the basic philosophical religious questions of life..The author of the (TEXT) thinks: • Cosmos is X (thought/beliefs) • Human Nature is Y (thought/beliefs) • To be happy one should Z (activity)

  1. Remember of course that understanding all the key terms, key propositions, and steps in the argument is all PRE-Preview work….

You must then identify the cosmic view, the understanding of human nature, and therefore what ought a person do to be happy.…