2 discussion posts

2 discussion posts


Answer the discussion posts in 2-3 paragraphs

FIRST DISCUSSION: This week is an introduction to viruses and bacteria. Start by reading the Introduction to Viruses and about Bacteria. Pay particular attention to the origin, growth, reproduction, and structure of viruses and bacteria. Additionally, read the Scientific American article “Are Viruses Alive?” and the Popular Science article “New Evidence That Viruses Are Alive”

In your initial response, describe some key similarities and differences between disease-causing viruses and bacteria. Pay particular attention to the origin, growth and reproduction, and structures of each. What does the term “pathogenic” refer to? What does “bacteriophage” refer to? Do you think viruses are alive? Why or why not? Don’t forget to cite any and all sources of information you use to inform your decision.

Second Discussion: Many discussions of crime suggest that smart defendants are able to beat the rap by pleading insanity, slanting their testimony at the urging of defense counsel, and exploiting legal loopholes such as the exclusionary rule. Given the profile of the typical criminal defendant, how realistic are those assumptions?