12th grade ELA Power point

12th grade ELA Power point


This is the unit 3 culminating project.  You will draw upon the knowledge you have gained by the lessons in this unit and gain new knowledge from your research to complete this assignment. 

Choose a technology product that currently is widely used in business.  Using the internet for research, prepare a report or presentation that answers the following questions:

Origin of Idea – When was this product introduced to the marketplace?

Product modification – How has the product been modified over time, particularly modifications that made it more useful to business in general.

  1. How has the product changed the way business is conducted?  What business innovations have occurred as a result of this product being offered?
  2. What competitors have joined the market since the introduction of this product.  How have they differentiated their product, particularly to businesses?
  3. In reviewing the advertising for this product, who would you say the target market is?  Give examples.  Which types of businesses might benefit most from this product?
  4. What is the current price of this product?  How has the price changed?
  5. Include pictures of this product.  Pictures from when it was created and now.
  6. What business uses do you see for this product in the future?  What innovations would need to be made to make that possible?